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The company that helps you sell your beers, wines, ciders and spirits

Our Industy

Committed to the craft.

Alcohol sales in Canada is a $25 billion industry which has been growing by 2 to 3% annually for the past five years. During this time, sales of craft or small batch products has increased by 6% and now account for close to 25% of the market.

Craft beer, spirits and estate wines are driven by consumer demand that is built around “fuller flavour, greater variety and more intense support for local businesses”.

Our Company

It's all about the "connection"

Craft West is not a retailer or a distributor. We are a mix of events, media content, logistics and ecommerce platforms specifically created to help independant craft beverage producers in Canada connect with customers and reach new markets like never before.

Craft West is a platform for everything craft. Our hard-to-acquire partnerships allows us to act as the event organizer, marketer, delivery courier, and drop shipper -for our brand partners—a first in the craft beverage industry.

The CRAFT WEST group of companies.

Your complete marketing solutions for craft beverages.

Our Mission

It is our goal to educate, inspire and enable Canadian consumers to better understand, appreciate and buy alcohol, cannabis and alternative beverages. Our audience is made up of Canadians who want to learn more about beer ,spirits, wine, cider, canned cocktails, cannabis beverages and non-alcohol alternatives.

The Situation

Alcohol and cannabis are both legal in Canada and the options for consumers have become complex. Increased consumption has been driven by an array of new product categories, new brands, and an explosion in the number of craft producers in almost every category. Cannabis Products. Cannabis has been legal in Canada for a year and in 2020, Cannabis 2.0 took effect. It is estimated that 13% of Canadians are expected to buy cannabis beverages, edibles, and other alternative products that offer a more discreet and accessible way to consume cannabis.

Our Focus

Canadians are interested in supporting Canadian brands. We assist Canadian companies in the alcohol and cannabis sectors in developing and growing their beverage brands in Canada through all phases of the marketing process.

Our Approach

From generating CONNECTIONS at live and virtual tastings and educational events…to providing CONTENT on websites and podcasts …to facilitating COMMERCE transactions via our mobile apps and e-commerce sites…we provide valuable services to companies who need to reach Canadian consumers.

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Dallas Robinson

Founder / CEO

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