Bagtown Brewing Releases Donald, A Sackville Cat Milk Stout

SACKVILLE, NB – Bagtown Brewing has announced the release of a beer that pays tribute to a local feline celebrity.

Donald, A Sackville Cat (5.3% abv) is a “soft & approachable milk stout” named after Donald, a black cat owned by Tobias Paul that is known for following the residents of Sackville and trying to get into their homes.

Donald’s popularity inspired a fan group on Facebook, and now this beer, which is described as follows:

Chocolaty flavours and delicious sweet fruity characteristics are abundant in this brew. A lactose (milk sugar) addition enhances these characters with that extra sweetness and provides a subtle creamy smooth feel. Low carbonation levels maintain the smoothness and makes this a very easy sipper.

Donald, A Sackville Cat is available in cans at Bagtown Brewing while supplies last.

Source: Global News
Photo: Bagtown Brewing

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