Bellwoods Brewery Releases Barn Owl No. 30 Wild Ale Blend

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the release of latest in its Barn Owl series of barrel-aged and blended ales.

Barn Owl No. 30 (6.3% abv):

A mix of spontaneous ales (meaning they’re fermented with wild yeast, not “occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse”) that conditioned on Italian purple plums. When blending, we specifically chose barrels that were sour but not super sour, added the stone fruit to marry flavours, and then dosed it all with a final light, floral dry-hop. It’s the perfect option for those who love moderate acidity, stone fruit and funk, and a hint of oak.

Barn Owl No. 30 is available now at the Bellwoods retail stores and online shop.

Source & Photo: Bellwoods Brewery

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