Blindman Brewing Releases Dwarf Sour Cherry Saison and Vestige Fruited Saison

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the 2023 vintages of two popular and award-winning fruit-infused saisons.

Dwarf Sour Cherry Saison (6.39% abv):

Brewed then aged in our 3000L foeder for multiple days THEN Dwarf Sour Cherries are added directly to the beer to re-ferment the rest of the way. So dry and delicious, simple yet complex. 6.39% of sour cherry heaven.

Vestige Fruited Saison (4.8% abv):

Vestige is the companion, the little sibling if you will, of Dwarf. The beer is a blend of pale ale and gose aged in barrels with two different types of Brett yeast cultures. It is a beautiful light pink hue, with amazing flavour coming from a second turn of the cherries.

Both beers will be available this week at the Blindman taproom and online store, and select beer retailers throughout Alberta.

Source & Photos: Blindman Brewing

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