Blood Brothers Brewing Releases Despeciation IPA and Autopop Cherry Cola Session Sour

TORONTO, ON – Blood Brothers Brewing has announced the release of two new limited edition beers.

Despeciation IPA (7.5% abv):

Using half Ontario ingredients, this new IPA splits the continental divide: for the first time upon the palate and on equal footing are the hops of East and West, a meeting of green giants upon open plains of malted barley. No longer will the west ride solely alone, for the upstart eastern flower has proven itself to be a worthy flavour contender time and time again. A new species has arisen in Western Ontario and we welcome you to the press conference: come experience the results of this heady alliance.

Autopop Cherry Cola Session Sour (4% abv):

Our experimental low abv sour series Autopop is back. This rendition was fermented on sweet cherries and conditioned on a top secret cola emulsion.

Both beers are available now at the Blood Brothers retail store and online shop.

Source & Photos: Blood Brothers Brewing

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