Coors Organic “Beer Picking Farm” Pop-Up Taking Place This Weekend in Sutton, Ontario

TORONTO, ON – Molson Coors Beverage Company has announced a one-day event at a Southern Ontario farm that will offer attendees “a farm-to-fridge experience offering the chance to fill your basket with something unexpected: hand-picked cans of Coors Organic.”

The Coors Organic Beer Picking Farm is described as follows:

Visitors of the Coors Organic Beer Farm can enjoy the fall scenery with friends while snapping some harvest pics with a twist for their Instagram feeds. Afterwards, they can head to the Beer Farm Lounge for some fall comfort food and fun activities, paired with the fruits of their labour of course – cold Coors Organic.

“There are plenty of reasons why we all love the fall season,” says Kate Hanrahan, Coors Organic Brand Manager. “The changing of the leaves and activities like fruit picking remind us how much we love the simple things. Since Coors Organic is made with simple, organic ingredients, we thought — hey, let’s have some fun here and give people a hand-picking experience they’ve never had before!”

The event will be taking place on Saturday October 2nd at Homestead Orchards (3961 Old Homestead Rd, Sutton, ON), and is free to attend with online pre-registration. Each attendee will be able to “pick” a six-pack of Coors Organic to take home, and will also receive complimentary food and drink in the Beer Farm Lounge.

For full details and to reserve a slot, see the Eventbrite page.

Source & Photo: Molson Coors

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