Dominion City Brewing Releases Wilderness Gothic Vidal

OTTAWA, ON – Dominion City Brewing has announced the latest release in the Wilderness Gothic series of barrel-fermented beers.

Wilderness Gothic Vidal (7% abv):

Bottled over a year ago, this version of Wilderness Gothic features locally-sourced Vidal grape juice supplied by our friends and partners, Vicki Samaras and Jonas Newman at Hinterland Wine in Hillier, ON. The final product is pretty special. These beers bridge the gap between the wine world and the beer world, producing a lively and complex beer that could just as quickly take the place of a light effervescent white wine at the dinner table. This particular iteration of Wilderness Gothic is not overly funky but it does have a wonderful acidity that almost feels like a classic sour which quickly mellows out into a dry, fruity finish.

Wilderness Gothic Vidal is available now at the Dominion City retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Dominion City Brewing

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