Elora Brewing Releases Lodestar Sour Ale with Soursop

ELORA, ON – Elora Brewing has announced the release of the latest fruit-flavoured edition of its Lodestar Sour Ale.

Lodestar Sour Ale with Soursop (5.1% abv):

The first in our 2023 Lodestar series uses the mystical soursop, which is a tropical fruit that smells, tastes and feels like a bunch of other fruits, making it uniquely its own… just like this beer. You’ll pick up strawberry, apple and kiwi on the palate, and you’ll admire its pineapple-like aroma and pale, primrose haze. Plus, there’s an underlying thick creaminess texture reminiscent of banana that makes this sour a touch more full-bodied than traditional Lodestars.

Lodestar with Soursop is available now at the Elora Brewing retail store, restaurant, and online shop.

Source & Photo: Elora Brewing

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