Fairweather Brewing Releases 2022 Vintage of Purple Rain Wild Ale

HAMILTON, ON – Fairweather Brewing has announced the release of the latest annual vintage in its Purple Rain series of wine/beer hybrids.

Purple Rain 2022 Wild Ale with Cab Sauv (5.4% abv):

We’ve once again awoken some of our favourite beers out of their proverbial oak sleeping bags, blended them with some fresh saison, and conditioned them on Cabernet Sauvignon skins from our friends at Two Sisters Vineyards. This year we were searching for barrels with medium acid, and medium funk, which I know sounds a little mundane, but we think it worked out perfectly! We found that too much acid competed with the tannins from the grape skins, and not enough, left the beer without structure once it dried out. Brett funk was the same story, we wanted it to be present but subtle, so we could let the fruit shine — and shine it did.

Purple Rain 2022 is available now at the Fairweather retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Fairweather Brewing

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