International E-Commerce Assistance

Moving from a bricks and mortar to a digital-first model can be daunting, but you don’t need to do it alone. You can hire experts to help and can take advantage of government programs to get started. The Trade Commissioner Service’s CanExport for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises offers up to $75,000 to:

  • help you break into international markets
  • cover some costs related to digital adoption such as adaptation and translation of marketing tools
  • search engine optimization
  • expert advice from legal and business experts
  • intellectual-property protection

If you have a high-potential startup or scale-up company with an existing technology, product or service, Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) can support your international business growth in North America, Asia, and Europe. CTA’s give your business a soft landing and introductions to potential investors, partners and customers.

The Business Development Bank of Canada offers loans for businesses to purchase or upgrade their information and communications technology. This includes hardware, software and related advisory services.

Use the Innovation Canada portal to find federal and provincial government supports that could facilitate your digital strategy.

Act now to get ahead

Shifts in consumer behaviour, increased rates of online shopping as well as the impacts of COVID-19 are driving companies like yours to adopt a digital first model. By going digital, borders become less of a barrier and the world becomes your market, unleashing opportunities to tap into new customers like never before. Get started now and develop your digital strategy!

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