Left Field Brewery Releases Centre Cut No. 1 Exploratory IPA

TORONTO, ON – Left Field Brewery has announced the third in a series of beers being released throughout February to mark the brewery’s 10th anniversary.

Centre Cut No. 1 Exploratory IPA (5.5% abv):

As we celebrate 10 years, we’re feeling as compelled as ever to continue improving our brewing processes, recipes and techniques through innovation and to never settle for ‘good enough’. This new IPA series is intended to be our outlet for that exploration, and showcases our learning along the way. Centre Cut brings you behind the scenes, explaining our technical explorations with each release.

Centre Cut No. 1 IPA showcases Mash Hopping and Thiolized Yeast. We added hops (with high amounts of Thiols) to the mash, which convert during fermentation into intensely aromatic notes of pink guava, grapefruit zest and juicy passion fruit. Using Thiolized yeasts helps to release these bound Thiols, amplifying their powerful aromatics making Centre Cut No. 1 a fastball of complex flavour, right down the middle.

Centre Cut No. 1 is available now at the Left Field taproom, retail store, and online shop.

Source & Photo: Left Field Brewery

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