Matron Fine Beer Releases Pony Itty-Bitty Pils and Islander Maritime Pils

BLOOMFIELD, ON – Matron Fine Beer has announced the release of two new pilsners, one low-abv and the other a collaboration with Prince Edward Island’s Lone Oak Brewing.

Pony Itty-Bitty Pils (1.5% abv):

A tiny beer with BDE (big drink energy, obviously). Our lowest ABV beer to date, we love the incredible drinkability this beer brings to the table. Malt leaning with notes of breakfast cereal and fresh toast, Pony boasts a surprising amount of body for such a small beer. Whispers of mild bitterness have been gently tucked in to balance everything out. Perfect for when you want to crack open a cold one and all its flavour, but like with a much lower, barely there ABV(%).

Islander Maritime Pils (4.4% abv):

We designed this Pils(ner) to showcase some amazing ingredients being produced on the East Coast of Canada. For this project we decided to featured Prince Edward Island grown malt from Shoreline Malting and New Brunswick (saaz) hops. A firm, delightful bitterness is caressed by spicy, floral hop hits which finds support in its own crispy clean malty backbone. Hello chug city. Bright and refreshing with a modest 4.4% abv, this beer is designed for a session with yer buds.

Pony and Islander are available now at the Matron retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Matron Fine Beer

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