North Brewing Releases Grand Opening Saison for 10th Anniversary

DARTMOUTH, NS – North Brewing has released a new beer to mark its 10th anniversary, although its name suggests that it has come along a decade too late.

Grand Opening Saison (4.9% abv) is named for the fact that North (or as it was known at the time, Bridge Brewing) didn’t have a proper launch party when it opened in January 2013, an oversight that was rectified this past weekend with the release of this beer and events at both of North’s taprooms.

Atlantic Canada Beer Blog describes the beer as follows:

Grand Opening Saison began life back in September 2022, when they brewed a pale-coloured wort, and initiated fermentation with a mixed culture of yeast, Lactobacillus bacteria, and Brettanomyces yeast. Balancing the acidity and aromatics in a blended beer is a fine line that North has trod before, allowing both sides to shine through without either overpowering the other. After an extended 3 month fermentation period, the beer was bottled (and kegged) just before Christmas, and allowed to naturally carbonate and condition since. Look for orange and apricot, ginger and pepper in the glass and on the nose, with a full mouthfeel yet dry-finish on the palate.

Grand Opening Saison is available now all North Brewing locations and the brewery’s online shop.

Source: Atlantic Canada Beer Blog
Photo: North Brewing

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