Small Gods Brewing Releases The Girl From Everywhere Tropical Sour

SIDNEY, BC – Small Gods Brewing has announced the release of its latest literary-themed beer.

The Girl From Everywhere Tropical Sour (7.5% abv) is inspired by a book by Heidi Heilig, and is described as follows:

A team of time-refugees crew a ship that can sail across the world, through time, into imagination, and along the plot twists of fiction. They can go anywhere and anywhen, as long as they have a map. Our Tropical Sour is the map that will take you to the white sand coastline of a pristine beach where fresh-squeezed flavours of pineapple, orange, and mango softly whisper against the shores.

The Girl From Everywhere is available now at the Small Gods taproom and retail shop.

Source & Photo: Small Gods Brewing

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