Still Fields Brewery Releases Marquette Wild Ale

MEAFORD, ON – Still Fields Brewery has announced the release of a new beer-wine hybrid.

Marquette (8.5% abv):

In the fall of 2021 we travelled to Appletop Farms to check out their biodynamic grapes for our first wine blend. We ended up grabbing 30kg of Marquette and headed back to the brewery. We then brewed a 100% wheat wort and added it directly to a barrel along with the Marquette grapes to naturally ferment on the native yeasts found on the grape skins.

The beer spent 14 months in the barrel to mature and absorb as much of the essence from the grapes as possible, and was then transferred and blended with 49% low intervention naturally fermented Marquette wine from Appletop Farms 2022 harvest, doubling down on the wine character and really bringing the beer to life. We ended up with 450 bottles that were corked, capped and laid down to bottle condition and mature for an additional month.

Marquette is the perfect expression of Meaford and its surrounding area in the form of a wine wild ale. The 100% wheat base lets the grape be the star of the show. Showing notes of bright dark stone fruit, balanced acidity and a lovely effervescence. Enjoy!

Marquette is available now at the Still Fields retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Still Fields Brewery

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