Willibald Farm Brewery Releases 519 West Coast IPA and Southern Pine Double IPA

AYR, ON – Willibald Farm Distillery & Brewery has announced the release of two beers from “both sides of the IPA spectrum.”

519 West Coast IPA (6% abv):

I know we’re all hyped up on haze juice these days but who doesn’t love a good westy. No, not Westvletern – West Coast IPAs. Remember those? Enter: 519 West Coast IPA. This (almost) hazeless IPA is built on a Barn Owl Malt foundation and hopped with Simcoe, Strata & Mosaic. The result? A beer exploding with stone fruit (BIG TIME peach and apricot here) and a nicely balanced bitter backbone to boot. Take a break from your hazy DIPA and suck a few of these back.

Southern Pine Double IPA (8.2% abv):

Southern Pine is back in the house or in this case: barn. As per usual this puppy has the heavy dry hop of Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic lending a beautiful arrangement of citrus and stone fruit aromas to our nostrils. It’s 8.2% but fear not… the only thing scary about this beer is it’s drinkability.

Both beers are available now at the Willibald Farm retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Willibald Farm Distillery & Brewery

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