XhAle Brew Co. Releasing Don’t Avoid The Void Raspberry Amber NEIPA

CALGARY, AB – XhAle Brew Co. has announced the release of a new beer in support of a local worthy cause.

Don’t Avoid The Void Raspberry Amber NEIPA (5.9% abv):

Pause4Change is a volunteer run animal rescue foundation devoted to responsible pet ownership, public education, and rescuing abandoned animals. Part of this education is also acknowledging that it’s harder for black animals to find homes, due to long-held superstitions – and now also to modern day “Instagram-ability” of black animals.

This beer boasts a darker fruit twist on an IPA, using caramel and light roasted Malt, and has a bright background highlight of added raspberries. Science tells us that ethyl formate,the same compound responsible for the taste of raspberries, is also found at the very centre of the galaxy. Don’t Avoid The Void – give them a chance!

Don’t Avoid The Void will be available soon at beer retailers and bars throughout Alberta. Partial proceeds will go to support Pause4Change.

Source & Photo: XhAle Brew Co.

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