XhAle Brew Co. Releasing …I Won’t Do What You Tell Me Raspberry Cherry Saison

CALGARY, BC – XhAle Brew Co. has announced details of the second release in its Saison Series.

…I Won’t Do What You Tell Me Raspberry Cherry Saison (7.1% abv):

20th & 21st century protests that changed the world forever… Berlin Wall protests, Women’s Suffrage Parade, Tiananmen Square, South Africa’s National Day of Protest, March on Washington, Stonewall Riots, Ghandi’s Salt March, Women’s March, March For Our Lives, & The George Floyd protests.

Raspberry & Cherry storm a Belgian saison, upping the ante of Pt. 1 of this series. A tribute to those who have taken a stand. Why? Because, f*^k you, I won’t do what you tell me.

…I Won’t Do What You Tell Me will be available soon at beer retailers throughout Alberta.

Source & Photo: XhAle Brew Co.

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