Craft West Group of


Tasting Group, Marketing, Agency, Distribution.

Online & On-Location Events

Our Tasting Group division organizes and operates large tasting events, private event services and recently added virtual tasting festivals. All events revolve around craft beers, spirits, wine and cannabis beverages. Our events focus is on “sampling” and we generate revenues from admissions, booth sales and sponsorships.

    Online Media

    Our Enjoy Media division organizes and operates media properties that include major consumer websites, social media, and podcast series, all of which generate revenue through advertising and directory listings.

    Digital Media Marketing

    We enhance our media offerings with Craft West Digital Agency offering digital marketing services to craft producers. We charge our clients agency fees for producing marketing tools and programs.

    Commerce Platforms

    Our Craft Distribution platform allows consumers to directly connect with craft beverage producers. We operate an online delivery service, an e-commerce marketplace and a subscription box platform. We generate revenue through commissions, service fees and retail mark-ups.